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What to Expect

I understand that talking about intimate problems with a stranger can feel difficult. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to freely explore these sensitive issues as well as practical help and support to face your struggles and reach your goals.

Counsellors don't fix people. They accompany people on a difficult journey toward health and wholeness. This journey requires honesty, trust, relational risk, courage, and tenacity. A counsellor is trained and skilled in creating an environment that is safe for the difficult task of self-examination and a bold commitment to a new direction. It is during times of relative stability that your most effective therapeutic work will be done. Although crisis circumstances are highly motivating, they are often so consuming, that the work focuses on survival rather than healthy movement. You will make your best progress when you are thinking clearly and able to look at the big picture of your life.


To start we will meet for an initial Intake. This gives me an opportunity to find out a bit more about what has brought you to therapy. I will ask you some questions about what you feel the problem is and also about your family and personal history.


The Intake also gives you the opportunity to decide if you think therapy is the best way forward for you. It is important that you feel comfortable about us working together.

If you decide to continue with therapy I most often recommend meeting weekly or bi-weekly. Sessions are usually 50 minutes, although occasionally I may suggest longer sessions for couples. I offer open-ended therapy, which means we work together until you feel ready to end.

Our work together is confidential, I work to the confidentiality and ethical standards as set by the CCPA.

I adopt an LGBTQ2S+ affirming, kink-friendly environment that is free from diet-talk or weight stigma.

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